Product Design & Development

Throughout her career, Elena Kalofyri has gained an in-depth knowledge of leather goods design and development, working for prominent brands and best manufacturers. She appreciates that every project is different and that by understanding your needs and project requirements, she always creates unique products that fit perfectly with your brand’s character.

Elena has a proven record in reading trends and successfully translating them to work with a brand’s identity. Her approach, to her work, is firstly by absorbing your brand ethos and discussing your brief and aspirations. She then advises a coherent product strategy to successfully meet the expected requirements.

Elena is particularly skilled at foreseeing the finished product and all the development processes from its flat drawings. Her technical knowledge in manufacture and understanding of the complexity of each stage of production, allows her to advise the most suitable partner to improve and streamline the development processes – from conceptual drawing through to production.

She can work directly with your design team or provides her own design services. Her design & development packages cover all aspects of the process from creative direction, prototyping, SMS and management of production, always ensuring the expected quality, costings and delivery dates. She prides herself on her continuous scrutiny of quality and efficiency in the development of each piece.

To read more information on her manufacture management, then please click here – Manufacture >. If you would like more information on how she can help you develop your product range, then please contact her at or call us on +44 (0) 7799 417 218.



Luxury Leather Product Design & Development


Luxury Leather Goods Product Design & Development